...A unique constellation of six of the best, Copenhagen/DK-based Latin-jazz musicians and vocalists, all with a profound knowledge about, and passion for, the carefully selected music performed at our concerts, and all with extensive experience from numerous performances and concerts throughout the years, both together in various combinations, and individually, as soloists with orchestras and ensembles in DK and abroad.

Yasser Morejón Pino (Bass & Guitar)

born in La Habana, Cuba on the 6th of June 1976, graduated from Conservatory A.G. Caturla in 1990, and from the Conservatory Amadeo Roldan 1995, as guitarist.

Shortly before graduating, he began to play both electric bass and double bass, receiving classes on the double bass from Carlos del Puerto Jr.

As a bass player, he started playing with diferent groups like Aries Gerardo Alfonso, Denis y su Swing, (CD), Natura, Roberto Fonseca y Temperamento, Chucho Valdes Jr., Polito Ibañez (CD), Rojitas y su Orquesta, among others.

En 2000 he moved to Copenhagen, where he at present works with groups like The End 2.0 (CD), Simon Spang-Hansen Quartet (CD), his own latin-jazz project Blanco y Negro (CD),

and Cuban music with Danson (CD).

In Denmark, he completed his studies in 2006, graduating from The Rythmical Conservatory as double-bass player and music teacher.


Jakob Johansen (Trombon)

..was born and raised in Denmark,

found his love of Cuban music from a young age.

He has been around Cuban musicians and culture most of his life, because he always was drawn to play Cuban music.

He is a graduate of the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and has played with, either in concerts or in recordings, Los Van Van, Alexander Abreu, Tito Nieves, Alain Perez, Mayito Riveira, Calixo Ovieda, Grupo Danson, Tiempo Cuba and many more...

Charli Lázaro Ibañez, (Flute & Percussion)

born in December 1969 in Guanajay, province of Habana, Cuba. Already as a child he began studying music at the School of Music in Pinar del Rio, and continued his basic studies at the Conservatory of Alejandro Garcia Caturla in Habana.

After graduation he continued at the Ignacio Cervante conservatory, and it was then he began his career as professional flutenist, at first for a shorter period with Orquesta Sensasion, and later for several years with Melodias del 40. He continued his career in Sexteto Habanita, with whom he toured around the world for several years. He now lives in Denmark, where he has played with several groups such as Trio Cubanito, Son de Cuba, Son con Swing, Salsa Na' Ma, and Coco Son.

Signe Asmussen Manuitt (Vocal & Violin)

born and raised in Denmark in 1970,

Since graduating from the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen with reviews that named her “the voice of possibilities”, “a natural interpreter”, and “an intimate vocal-seducer”, Danish lyric/dramatic soprano Signe Asmussen Manuitt has been a preferred soloist with all of the national orchestras, ensembles and choirs.

With an annual average of around 90-110 concerts and performances, she has long confirmed her reputation as one of the most sought-after, versatile singers of her generation, always promoting one of her favourite disciplines: The intimate recital, which brings her in close contact with her audience, and with focus on the extended lied-repertoire from all around the world. Furthermore, her love for latin-jazz and salsa has led to a career as one of the most popular salsa singers in DK, as leadsinger in Salsa Loca, and member of orchestras like Grupo Danson (DK), and Picason (CH). 


Elvio Bravo (Vocal & Guitar)

born and raised in Colombia and has, as an obvious natural talent, played music and sung

since he was 5 years old.

As a 19-year-old, he won, as the first guitarist,

the national Colombian competition in the genre "Trio".

Here in Denmark, Elvio has been a member of one of Denmark's leading salsa orchestras "SalsaNa´Ma" for 15 years, both as a singer and composer.

In addition, he regularly performs as a soloist with i.a. University of Southern Denmark

Symphony Orchestra and conductor Saul Zaks, and in various constellations in jazz, tango, Spanish folk music and other Latin American genres.

Ernesto Manuitt Hernández

(Vocal, Cuatro & Percussion)

was born in Habana, Cuba, in 1969. As the son of a Cuban mother and Venezuelan father, he spent the first 7 years of his life in Cuba, and then moved to Venezuela with the family. Here he grew up with the Venezuelan folk music tradition, became a virtuoso on the cuatro as well as picking up basically all of the countrys popular folk songs, .....

...18 years old, he moved back to Cuba to begin medical school, and was very quickly sucked into the flourishing musical environment in Habana, and before long he was discovered by Mirtha Medina, one of Cubas most famous entertainers, who couldn't resist his charm and notorious stage personality....

...orchestra leader Giraldo Piloto didn't hesitate to contract Ernesto as founding member of his new orchestra Klimax, which within very short time became incredibly popular on a worldwide basis with its amazing stage show combined with great songs and musicians....

...In 2002 he moved to Denmark, from where he has continued his professional career as leadsinger and special guest star in groups such as Grupo Danson (DK), Picason (Schweiz), Orquesta Gali (Schweiz), Alex Wilson project (UK) og CocoSon (DK), as well as being a popular guest with the Danish Radio Big Band and frequently...